Pandora Driving Mode

A gesture-based "Driving Mode" design for Pandora for phones, even smartwatches.

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Edwin Li, headshot

User experience designer. Gadget fan. Connected device fantasist. Distributed Cognition fan. Science fiction and fantasy fan. West Coast Swing dancer, competitor, and instructor. Principal member of Sneakers' staff (my cat).

With an MS Cognitive Science from UC San Diego and 14 years User-Centered Design experience, and as a longtime fan of connected gadgets and their potential, I seek the opportunity to expand my web and software UXD experience and use the growing ubiquity of connected gadgets to create technologies and ecosystems that fit and transform users' worlds, making great things delightfully possible—anywhere.

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Occasionally, looking at the world through UX-colored glasses, I write a bit here on my blog, named with that image in mind, "UX-Colored Glasses", where I focus on the user experience of our connected, mobile, multi-device world from desktops to cloud services to wearables.

Highlights from UX-Colored Glasses

iOS 7: First Impressions [UX Think-Aloud 1]

iOS 7: First Impressions [UX Think-Aloud 1]

Your reactions to a design are revealing about you as a designer. Turning the classic usability protocol on myself, and with my first week with iOS7 under my belt, I note UX flaws, flat vs "skeuomorphic" good/bad, design choices I would have made differently, and more.
Incoming Calls Shouldn’t Interrupt Video Recording on Smartphones

Incoming Calls Shouldn’t Interrupt Video Recording on Smartphones

iOS 5 & 6.1 and Android (to 4.1) interrupt users' video recording when calls come in, where webOS v2.2.3 and Windows Phone 7.5 wait until users answer the call. UX lessons about prioritizing users, flexible multi-tasking, and better notifications.
User Experience of Ecosystems

User Experience of Ecosystems

Ecosystems should be considered in terms of UX and actively designed as a whole to be user-focused. Our separate devices, software, services, data, and content should work together in personal digital infrastructure (PDI) enabling effortless access and seamless interoperability throughout it.