Sketch, Search results page (web app)

A very "sketchy", paper sketch of a design that has a very unfinished and brainstorm-y quality


Somewhere between a brainstorm and an design sketch, this is an example of the flexibility of sketching on paper. The sketch is clearly more idea and suggestion than a thoroughly worked out design.

This sketch is an example of the beauty of sketching on paper; elements and behavior can be suggested without being drawn out explicitly, and what has been drawn is clearly unfinished and/or under consideration. The state of the lines, the lack of definition of the shapes and layout, the looseness of the lines–these factors clearly show the early state of the design without having to be explicitly labeled as such. These are factors that even Balsamiq Mockups cannot match.

This design is from a web application project undertaken as a long-term contractor. Fuller details on the project, from user research to UX process artifacts all along the way can be discussed in person, but seem a little too sensitive (for expected NDA reasons) to be published on the web.

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