Sketching designs and interaction panels

Picture of a sketch of a screen and various fly-in command panels


Whiteboard sketch elaborating on design ideas for a touchscreen tablet for photos, using the idea of fly-in command panels

Inspired by the “chrome-less” dropdown menus of webOS (versions 1.x through 3.x), in which menus can be summoned by swiping in from the relevant edges and corners of the screen, here I have part of a design of a capacitive touchscreen, photo-focused tablet, in which fly-in interaction or command panels can be summoned from each of the four sides of the screen by swiping in from the bezels. The top panel is for metadata, the right panel for sharing actions, and the bottom panel is for editing tools. Is there to be a left panel? The design definitely had room to be iterated and fleshed out more, so, maybe.

This step fleshes out one of two designs brainstormed and sketched out on another whiteboard.

This is a picture from a group exercise during Cooper’s two-day Interaction Design course, which I took for direct training in their Goal-Directed Design (using personas) in 2010.

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