Screen flow For a Usage Scenario (Mobile App)

Abstract, named screens connected and ordered by arrows showing users' path.


A sketch of the screen flow through which a user will go to get their task done.

After the development of a navigation model (Usage-Centered Design), or as part of the development of such, here I’ve sketched a progression of interaction contexts or screens through which users will progress in the course of a particular usage scenario. If done as part of the development of a navigation model, scenarios of each of the main use cases might be drawn up. Then the screens implicated in each of the scenarios would be listed, mapped out, possibly combined or split up to arrive at a navigation model that encompasses all the scenarios and tries to accommodate all their screen needs as sensibly and efficiently as possible.

This is a sketch from a personal project, a mobile app intended as a sort of TiVo for real-time streams of geographically based ads. A write-up page of that project as a portfolio page is forthcoming (or you can download the 21 page report).

For more on the Usage-Centered Design framework, check out their website,, or you can buy their book, “Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of Usage-Centered Design” from (Amazon Affiliate links: paperback edition, Kindle edition).

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