Map View content model, Ad Finder (Mobile App)

Paper sketch that includes a content model as a list of content and interactions


A simple content model for a map-based, mobile app.

A simple content model for a mobile app’s home screen. The app’s home screen plots data on a map and offers ways to explore, filter, and otherwise interact with that data.

A content model as seen in Constantine and Lockwood’s Usage-Based Design is a model of what content belongs in a particular interaction context and what ways of interacting with that content should be offered. Intentionally abstract, this gives the designer both guidance and the freedom to create within that guidance’s constraints.

This content model is from a personal project, a mobile app intended as a sort of TiVo for real-time streams of geographically based mobile ads. Other stages of that project include a paper sketch from this content model showing the design of translucent filter panels and a Balsamiq mockup of this same page. A write-up of that project as a portfolio page is forthcoming, but you can download the 21 page report now.

For more on the Usage-Centered Design framework, check out their website,, or you can buy their book, “Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of Usage-Centered Design” from (Amazon Affiliate links: paperback edition, Kindle edition).

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