iOS 7: Make Messages Stop Using Nicknames

iOS 7: Make Messages Stop Using Nicknames


I was wrong in my iOS7 First Impressions article. There is a way to get Messages to use normal names instead of nicknames!. The answer is on the Short Names page in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars [look in the Contacts section] > Short Names.

iOS7-Messages-nickname-settings-2013-10-02-180414-v1Once to that page, flip the toggle labelled "Prefer Nicknames" from the "on position" (green background) to the "off" position (white background), et voila!

I saw this setting while reading an iMore article by Allyson Kazmucha on how to change Messages from using first names to using full names for contacts: "Don’t like how iOS 7 only shows first names in the Messages and Mail apps? Here’s how to fix it!". The screenshot she offered or her solution also showed the "Prefer Nicknames" toggle.

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