Prototype, Hybrid HTML/CSS/Photoshop, Web app, advanced search

A prototype/mockup/"screenshot" that I was designing.


A hybrid HTML/CSS and Photoshop prototype. I created most of this page in HTML/CSS, but, some alignment aspects of this screen were taking too long to troubleshoot in HTML/CSS. So I took screenshots of them and used Photoshop to create the alignment that I wanted.

Creating the header, most of the contents, the table, and even the search form components using HTML/CSS was pretty straightforward, but getting all those search form components into columns and lined up correctly with their gutters, etc. was a challenge, with some strange interactions between the floating DIVs that we were using in our design pattern library.

So, rather than wrestle with them any longer, I went to Photoshop to compose the search form components into the columns and alignments that I wanted, then just edited them into an image to be included into the HTML for the rest of the page.

I have tried to remove or replace information in the actual prototype that might serve to identify too readily the company and product for which this work was done.

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