Job Quest

Job Quest

I’m on a Quest…

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With both a Masters degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science, plus 14+ years of User-Centered Design practice under my belt—split about evenly between user research and interaction design foci—I now seek to take my experience into a company with consumer-focused products or services who is committed to mobile, whether natively or as a growth area expanding from a web, software, or hardware base.

Ideally, that company will be dedicated to creating a great, delightful user experience (UX) encompassing computers, cloud services, devices, software, the web, and other people.

That company will have an established UX team with the support, leadership, and space they need to do great things.

I’ve lots to learn in this direction. If you know directly of a developing or existing UX need in one of the companies and teams below or if you know someone who might, I’d love to hear about it to see if we’re a fit.

Companies of Interest

Companies and teams that come to mind in this space include:

  • Google, especially for Android
  • Amazon and Lab126, especially as they seek to develop more opportunities for their users to access and use their content
  • Samsung, for their work on mobile and extensions to Android
  • Microsoft, especially for Windows Phone
  • Apple, especially for iOS
  • Mozilla, especially FirefoxOS
  • LG, especially for webOS
  • Facebook, as they seek to enable their users to interact with each other even more ubiquitously
  • Motorola, for their work on mobile devices and Android
  • Evernote, for making their products available across so many platforms
  • Do other companies come to mind? I’d be happy to hear suggestions!

Help Me Learn About Working in Mobile

If you know someone who might simply know more about user experience work or people in those or similar companies, I’d very much appreciate your connecting me with them, too, as I’d also like to learn more about what it’s like to work in this part of the field and how to tailor my quest.

Share This Website

Here on my website, you’ll find my resume, my publishable portfolio, an ideal job description for the role and company in which I expect to add the most value, and a blog dedicated to my UX thoughts (UX-Colored Glasses).

Please share my website with anyone interested in user experience design in general and with anyone who might be looking for help with the interaction design of their mobile apps, web apps, and other products.


Thanks for listening, and thanks, of course, for any help that you’re minded to offer.

=> Edwin

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