iOS 7: First Impressions [UX Think-Aloud 1]

The ghost of webOS and its revolutionary app cards pictured here literally behind aspects of iOS7.

Your reactions to a design are revealing about you as a designer. Turning the classic usability protocol on myself, and with my first week with iOS7 under my belt, I note UX flaws, flat vs "skeuomorphic" good/bad, design choices I would have made differently, and more.

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Incoming Calls Shouldn’t Interrupt Video Recording on Smartphones

Possible interaction flows: Incoming call during video recording. With the headset and/or the watch connected, the phone may even optionally not show its notification so as not to occlude the recording. Alternatively, we might leave the banner there to keep the locus of users' attention on the phone while they interact with the notification.

iOS 5 & 6.1 and Android (to 4.1) interrupt users’ video recording when calls come in, where webOS v2.2.3 and Windows Phone 7.5 wait until users answer the call. UX lessons about prioritizing users, flexible multi-tasking, and better notifications.

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User Experience of Ecosystems

Ecosystem of gadgets v1

Ecosystems should be considered in terms of UX and actively designed as a whole to be user-focused. Our separate devices, software, services, data, and content should work together in personal digital infrastructure (PDI) enabling effortless access and seamless interoperability throughout it.

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Matias Duarte’s “Mobile is Dead” Emphasizes Designing for PDIs

In a video interview with Josh Topolsky for The Verge, Matias Duarte, Head of Design at Android, and formerly of webOS fame, said, “Mobile is dead.” …Duarte’s point is that in an age in which users seamlessly transition from one screen size to another during their day, the idea that…

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iOS 7: Apple Removed Text Message Options in Messages


iOS 7: Apple Removes Text Messaging Options in Messages No Text Messages For iDevices! iMessage or the Highway! There are numerous stories reporting on an iMessage bug or outage that meant that iMessages failed to send or took a long time to send. In iOS 6, this wasn’t too big…

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Multitasking updated in iOS 7 with new card-style interface |

Apple's iOS7 multi-tasking: a bit reminiscent of webOS v1.0's cards from 2009. And how are they dismissed? The same way, a swipe of the card up off the screen.

Multitasking updated in iOS 7 with new card-style interface | Gyahhhh!!!! “Who needs multi-tasking?” the webOS naysayers and Apple fanboys said when dismissing webOS. Apparently, you did, and you didn’t know it, and Apple wasn’t going to be able to give it to you until four years after webOS…

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ownCloud: Could This Become An Ecosystem’s “File Stream”?

TechCrunch writer Scott Merrill dubbed ownCloud an “Open Source Dropbox”. As such, installed on your own computer, I imagine that, extended the right way, it could create and maintain a “File Stream” for your ecosystem of devices, keeping a “most recently used” list of files, all easily available on any device, making it easier to work or play seamlessly as you switch devices throughout your daily life.

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Amazon MP3s Now Buyable Via iOS: Grants +2 to Its “Your Music, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device” Aura

Amazon strengthens the acquisition part of its “your music, any time, anywhere, any device” strategy by granting the ability to buy directly from their iOS device. Combined with their AutoRip-enabled CD purchases and multi-ecosystem Cloud Player, buying music through them may be the fastest way to buy music and have it available…everywhere–even with iTunes and iTunes Cloud–freeing users from the constraints of their gadget vendors’ ecosystems.

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Nuance’s Wintermute Could Be a “PDI-Level Property/Service”

As a platform-agnostic personal assistant, Wintermute would be perfectly positioned to free users from vendor-delineated ecosystems. Its ability to work with multiple–in an ideal world, all–vendors’ ecosystems, would free users to use whatever ecosystems’ components they wanted, with Wintermute serving then as a PDI-level (Personal Digital Infrastructure, i.e., the users’ ecosystem of hardware, software, content, services, and social connections) service, or a property of the PDI.

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