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Deborah Arrington's Letter: Recommended for Private Lessons

I was looking for someone to provide a recommendation for me as a private lesson and/or workshop instructor in preparation for teaching a workshop weekend in Hartford Connecticut for Tom Johnson. Deborah was (and is—as of March 2, 2005) the lady who schedules instructors for the Next Generation Swing Dance Club monthly dances. She'd both recently contacted me to schedule me for the dances, and she'd also recently taken a private lesson with me, so I contacted her. Below is her response.

Edwin's Private Lesson With Deborah (2003)

by Deborah Arrington

Hi Edwin:

I think that Tom Johnson on the East Coast would be lucky to have you as a workshop/private instructor. I just hope you come back because we love you out here too!

I didn't personally take the workshop you did at Next Gen, but I do know that enough people enjoyed it that Ruth (our dance committee chair) specifically put you on the list to come back for this year. That says something!

My own private lesson with you was amazing. I felt that you gave me really good, detailed techniques and your explanations were down-to-earth and easy to understand. If something eluded me, I really appreciated that you had no problem stopping and explaining it in another way. In short, I came out of that lesson really excited about dancing and applying what I had learned on the floor. I would recommend you to anyone, and in fact, I already have to a few people!

You're welcome to use my response as a reference, and if Mr. Johnson wants any further information or reference, he's more than welcome to email me at [email withheld].

Warm regards,

©2003 Deborah Arrington. Originally sent via email to Edwin Li (2003). Reprinted with permission (2005) from Deborah Arrington.

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