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Tom Johnson's Letter: A Promoter's View of Edwin

Tom and I "met" when he contacted me via email about bringing me to Hartford, CT to teach a day of workshops. That trip (Jan 17, 2004) and the subsequent one (September 18, 2004) were great experiences, and I'm thankful to Tom for having invited me.

It was really great to have the chance to spend so much time with a single group of learners (most of the attendees were package attendees) on each trip, as it gave me the chance to go through "the way I dance" from movement foundations and the philosophical framework of my dancing all the way to some of coolest things that I was doing with those foundations and techniques at the time. By the end of the day, I had gotten to share not only some of my favorite movements and patterns, but the learners had already had practice in the background stuff that made them possible.

The second weekend workshop was a fun challenge of condensing the January material to make room for more advanced material in order to ensure that both returnees and new learners would benefit from the workshops.

On top of the opportunity to share some stuff that I really like, it was a real delight to meet all the warm and truly interested folks in attendance.

Working with Tom as a promoter was a pleasure; he was communicative, conscientious, supportive, flexible, and clearly cared deeply about serving his attendees a positive (and great-tasting!) experience.

In preparing my Web site, I asked Tom to write about the experience of working with me as a workshop instructor, and he responded with the letter that I have included below.

Edwin as a Workshop Instructor (January and September 2004)

by Tom Johnson

Sent via email on March 5, 2005

Edwin Li has taught a full day of workshops (a feat in itself) twice here in the Hartford, CT area. I recommend him without reservation.

In my promoter interactions with Edwin, I found him easy to deal with and quick to respond to any requests.

As a dancer, he is remarkable. As a teacher, his knowledge of the dance is broad and deep and he puts a great deal into the preparations for any engagement he has. He responds appropriately to any and all questions and chooses attendees from all levels to demonstrate the points he is making. After the workshops at the dance, Edwin danced with nearly everybody and the feedback I got was uniform and strongly positive.

Our event in January, 2004 with Edwin was the best attended ever.

©2005 Tom Johnson. Reprinted with permission (March 2005) from Tom Johnson.

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