Matias Duarte’s “Mobile is Dead” Emphasizes Designing for PDIs

In a video interview with Josh Topolsky for The Verge, Matias Duarte, Head of Design at Android, and formerly of webOS fame, said, “Mobile is dead.”

…Duarte’s point is that in an age in which users seamlessly transition from one screen size to another during their day, the idea that designers should consider mobile as a distinct category is outdated.

via Matias Duarte, Head of Android Design on the Death of Mobile — Our blog.

There’ve been a number of articles recently that resonate with this idea, and the core of it is the need for design to be more user-focused than ever, but with the expanded vision of their activities and experiences being distributed throughout their lives, days, devices, and environments.

That’s the idea behind my “Personal Digital Infrastructures (PDIs)”—which I first mentioned in User Experience of Ecosystems—and, with the forthcoming mainstreaming of wearables and The Internet of Things, it’s an idea that will only become more important.

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